As Luszol we endeavor in providing the world with more reliable, smarter, sustainable, cleaner and distributed energy sources while also being of economic benefits to our customers.



To provide the best and most reliable economically feasible energy solutions for each locale through our world and beyond with our products and systems.



1) To enable the utilization of deployable distributed energy sources.

2) To sell and design efficient and adaptable products and services which enhance human life and utilize technology to build a more sustainable world.

3) To make available distributed energy sources and solutions to more people in more places by spreading knowledge and adjusting offerings to each locale.

4) To make our world's grid smarter, more resilient and reliable, while also allowing for greater customer interactivity with it. 

About US


Luszol is a Delaware LLC, member of CTA (Consumer Technology Association) & ASES (American Solar Energy Society), which originated from a group of retail and wholesale companies, with the purpose of bringing reliable power and cleaner energy to more people.

Luszol designs systems and products optimized for the needs of its clients and the location where they will be installed.

Luszol offers its customers the ability to obtain cleaner electricity at lower costs, with storage solutions for backup, hybrid interactive, or off the grid locales.